Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bettina Sherick

Vice President, International Digital Marketing, 20th Century Fox International


Bettina Sherick is a risk-taker.

As Vice President of International Digital Marketing for 20th Century Fox, she oversees the film giant’s Internet and mobile marketing strategies, as well as the digital marketing content development for the international theatrical businesses. Under her leadership, 20th Century Fox International has actively pursued the digital space as a marketing medium.
As she describes the development of international digital marketing campaigns for $100 million+ box office releases, she also outlines a litany of firsts: “We were the first studio to use MSN Messenger themepacks, for our film FANTASTIC FOUR. We were the first international film studio to do a multi-territory homepage masthead buy on YouTube for WOLVERINE. We were the first international film studio to buy a virtual gift package on FACEBOOK for ICE AGE 3. We were the first to do a three-screen buy on Microsoft for AVATAR.
Those are the risks that have worked for us. There have been those that haven't worked; however, if everything you try works, then you're not taking enough risks.” 

Bettina Sherick has been working at 20th Century Fox in International marketing for 9 years.  She likes to say, “Although most mornings I wake up in Los Angeles, I spend the rest of the day thinking about what people are doing outside of the US.”
She has often been described as passionate about her work. Her response is clear: “I think if you look what I do — using digital to market movies to an international audience-- I have much to be passionate about.  Digital is clearly changing the way the world communicates, works, lives, and I get to live and breathe these changes every day. And I love films. Films have entertained and shared powerful stories to audiences for over a century now. And movies like AVATAR show us that even the way we see films can be re-invented. Once one allows their world to open up for borders to blur, you're never the same person. I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I do everyday.” 

Lucky indeed.  Perhaps Bettina Sherick is simply inspired by the magic and international language of movies.  She tells a memorable story about a visit to ­China that certainly illustrates her enchantment with communicating—at the most human of levels.

“I decided to take an afternoon visit to the Temple of Heaven when in Beijing. Armed with an English automatic guide and map, I started to make my way through the beautiful gardens. But there was one pavilion that I could not find. I walked up to an old Chinese man, who had a Chinese automatic guide and a map. Through a series of bows, nods, pointing at the map, and smiles, we found ourselves walking and enjoying the sights of this beautiful park together for about 45 minutes. When we realized that we had come to a point where we would have to part ways, we both bowed, and I waved, and we went on. But those 45 minutes with this stranger, to whom I could say nothing in words, was absolutely wonderful, and I will never forget the experience.”


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